We take your steak experience very seriously at Number 13! We ensure to provide the best by sourcing only the highest quality Angus beef as well as aging in-house for optimal flavor and tenderness. What sets us apart from most steakhouses is by achieving this unique process in house compared to most other steakhouses who order warehouse supplied pre-cut pre-aged steaks.



Our USDA Prime 100% Linz Heritage Angus Beef is sourced from a single family owned purveyor who provides only the best quality by raising, feeding, and processing our beef. Unlike most Angus beef out there, ours is %100 black hide. The Linz Heritage Angus mission is to provide the most consistently marbled Angus in the world by seeking out superior genetics to produce high performance cattle with the most sought-after traits. Based in the Midwest, the Linz Heritage Angus cattle program continually strives to make the richest and most tender cuts of beef.

We also provide what is considered by many to be the finest beef in the world, A5 Japanese Wagyu. For Wagyu to achieve an A5 rating, it must pass a very strict guideline from perfect marbling, color, and texture. The equal distribution of marbling gives way to a melt in your mouth effect that’ll have you asking for more.



Your local grocer isn’t the only place to pick up dinner. Number 13 features a wonderful selection of retail meat for you to experience our restaurant in the comfort of your own home.



Our in-house dry age program is a process which requires patience and strict environmental specifications. Most steakhouses that sell dry aged beef source them from a warehouse which mass-produces dry aged beef for hundreds of restaurants. However, we believe our guests deserve better than that. Thus, upon building the restaurant, Number 13 designated a room specially intended for dry aging beef. Within this room, a perfect environment for aging was fashioned by a mixture of variables which include temperature, humidity control, airflow, and time. Once the beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 30 days the process continues at the saw and butchers block.

Our wet aged meat ages for a minimum of 28 days to give it perfect flavor and tenderness. Wet aging is the process of letting primal cuts of beef rest in vacuum-sealed packaging to mature the flavor.



Number 13 only purchases primal cuts. Unlike most steakhouses where steaks come processed, we pride ourselves on butchering everything in-house to ensure proper quality and portions are provided. Our butchers work under the guidance of Chef Eric Nelson to ensure that his strict standards are met. From ordering, to aging, to the butcher block, and then to the plate. Chef Eric provides only the highest quality to our guests.